Ad hoc network mac printer

An ad hoc network connects directly to other devices without a server
How to Create a Wireless Ad-Hoc Network between Macs For Dummies

Using an Ad Hoc network — also called a computer-to-computer network — is a fairly easy thing to accomplish in Mac OS X. This Ad Hoc network is great for setting up an impromptu network in a classroom, exchanging recipes and pictures at a family reunion in a park, or blowing your friend up while gaming across the aisle of a Greyhound bus at 70 mph.

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To set up an Ad Hoc network, you first have to create the computer-to-computer network on one of your Macs. Open the Network pane in System Preferences and choose the Wi-Fi entry in the list at the left of the pane. Although you can leave encryption disabled, turn it on and choose a password for that extra bit of security. Note that the password must be an exact length which is determined by whether you choose a bit [5-character] key or a bit [character] key.

With this setting, I could have internet access for both of my desktop and laptop computer. However, after I upgraded to Windows 7, the virtual router program no longer useable as that program is designed for Windows XP. The reason why is not known; I've tried to install the program, but the program just couldn't run.

Creating an Ad-hoc Wireless Network in OS X

This drop me to the idea of direct computer connection via ad-hoc connection. Back then when I was a PC user, my mind was set at that PC and Mac would not communicate in a direct or in-direct way.

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I didn't know that to connect both PC and Mac through ad-hoc connection is possible. Even with some settings on PC and Mac would make an ad-hoc connection with internet access for both PC and Mac is possible. I am using Celcom internet broadband service with my PC as my main computer.

My PC, which is a Dell computer would be connected to Celcom broadband, and my Mac would access to internet via ad-hoc connection through my desktop PC. And I will show you how to set up an ac-hoc connection with internet access between a PC and a Mac. This is my Asus Wifi adaptor.

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This adaptor would be plugged onto my PC as my WiFi transmitter. Once the adaptor is plugged onto the computer, Windows 7 will set it up automatically. A wireless network connection will be created under my computer's network connections. In the next windows, the name of the ad-hoc network shall be named, and a password to be assigned for this network. Give any name to your liking.

What Is an Ad Hoc Wireless Network?

A password has assigned to it. Check "Save this network" as well before click "Next". If everything has done correctly, the next window will inform you that the network you have just created is ready to use. To check if the network that has been created just now is ready to use, simply double click onto the wireless signal icon on the bottom right taskbar.

A pop up windows will shown all wireless network that is available. The next step is to set up the proxies for the PC.

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This step is important as proxies will ensure that all computers within the same network would have a fix IP address and made internet access for other computers within the network possible. To set the PC's IP address, simply double click "Change adapter settings" that is located on the left hand side of the "Network and Sharing Center" window. A windows of "Network Connections" will be brought up as shown :. The next step is to share the internet connection via this wireless network that been created. This can be done by sharing the internet connection with the broadband services that is connected to my PC.

I am using Celcom broadband service, hence what I did was under "Network Connections", left click the "Celcom" icon, choose properties, select "Sharing" tab, and check "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection". Select the "Home networking connection" by choosing "Wireless Network Connection" as shown:.

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Click "OK" and you are done with my PC. My PC now is ready to be connected as a router for other computers as well. Under the Network window, select "Advanced Click "OK", and click "Apply", and you are done! Turn on your AirPort, and you should be able to find your network name under "Devices". Select and join the network that you've created, key in the password, and walla, you are ready to surf the internet from your Mac.

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