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  • I'm having a hard time figuring out how to resize it put it behind text all that. I wish they would bring it back. I loved Clip art - so simple and effective, ok not for professional use but for fun stuff, community groups, local ads it was great I loved the free clip art what's going on bring it back. At my age there should not be any changes like thi it was hard for me to figure it out now here's this new stuff. My my.

    I used clipart a LOT for newsetters and other documents. I don't always want a photo - clipart is often better at getting an idea across quickly, and I didn't need to worry about copyright because I assumed it was OK to use without permission as it was a part of the MS package. The BING option is terrible - very juvenile and hardly extensive with fewer than 50 options. And by-the-way, most of the online sites for "accessing clipart in MS Word " still say to go to insert then click on clipart. Really - we hardly need such basic instructions when they aren't even correct anymore! Why is it that every time Microsoft make another edition of their software it makes it harder and harder to use.

    Seriously frustrated. Clipart was so darn useful. This is a complete waste of time. Microsoft, you continue to be morons. Just once, I'd like to see an upgrade that actually added value and didn't make it harder for people to use. User UNfriendly.

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    Macaroni And Cheese Clipart | Free download best Macaroni And Cheese Clipart on

    Seriously considering heading back to an earlier version of PowerPoint just so I can get that feature back. I use clipart often and transport it into other programs such as Print Master to make cards. It was easy to make a few small changes in it and use what you redesigned. I hope you'll reconsider it's removal and put it back.

    Personally, I don't care for Bing's images. And I don't want to go out on the net to find other clipart when I'm in the process of getting a manuscript together.

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    • Browse More Macaroni and cheese Vectors from Shutterstock?
    • It's a waste of time. This pretty seriously ticks me off. Why in the world would a company delete something that far ranging without at least sending an email to the customer or broadcasting it on every platform possible? I used clip art on a regular basis It would have been nice to be able to save off all those clip art graphics to my own drive before MS Office did one of their lovely updates and removed everything. Personally, I detest Bing and I'm not even remotely interested in getting involved with anything involving copyright law. Maybe it's time to make the journey to Open Office at last.

      Buh bye Microsoft! Not all CC licensing is just a matter of attribution. The owner has the right to allow only specific people under specific circumsntances and conditions to use their art. That's as it should be. As an artist I resent some people's assumption that original art from my abilities and imagination, which I have sacrificed a lot to develop, should somehow default to public property. If we require artists to participate in a money economy their art belongs to them.

      Copying images and not following the copyright owners permissions to the letter is stealing, outright. And deep pockets like Disney has taught individuals that the hard way.

      🥞DIY Mac and Cheese Pancakes - Man Vs Din #874

      Until we fund all artists as a social service, artists have to make a living in the same marketplace as everyone else. Don't exploit talent. Reward it. We're a small library, with about ten minutes a week allocated to creation of publicity, and the attribution required with Bing images was wasting time and space. Plus, we kinda adore the clip art. Besides being able to edit vector images like Will mentioned which is important for those of us who don't have graphic artists available to create custom images or the budget or time to buy that service ad hoc , you could also search for style "families" different graphics that were all in the same style.

      There was a huge range of files and styles in the collection and it was much faster to find what you need than to do a Bing search. Plus, you knew that everything there was free and free to use, without having to worry about CC license issues. This is seriously the worst work-related news I've heard in a long while Writing this article is showing me just how many people depend on clip art for their jobs, I had no idea.

      I'm wondering if Microsoft didn't either I'm seriously angry that Clipart is gone. Because many of those cheesy images were available as Vector Graphics. So, I could quickly insert a crappy clipart into my powerpoints, ungroup the elements of it and delete all but what I wanted. I used it and it worked awesome for me multiple times.

      I wrote clipart off for years and only started doing this in the past 2 years I wish I had known earlier. I didn't realize you could do that!

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      You can find lots of great vector images online, though, check out OpenClipArt and let us know if it works for you. It was easy and quick in powerpoint, and as an elementary online teacher, I was using it constantly. Especially helpful because many times I need a cartoon-type image as an historical representation--I teach eras of history before photography existed. I guess my wee little finger has to make a few more clicks now Elementary technology teachers all over America are crying. My lessons will all have to be revamped Don't cry!

      I don't think clip art will disappear from your existing document! So don't panic about that. As for finding clip art for future projects, have you looked into OpenClipArt? You'll find a lot over there. There are circumstances where clip art serves a purpose. I had a customer who explicitly requested crappy clip art images on his web site. His reasoning was that he wanted to project an image of "cheap and cheerful" like a market trader. A glossy high production values website would make visitors expect correspondingly high prices.

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