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Older versions of Mac OS X and VLC media player

It did clear maybe 5 GB of Hard disk space so that is atleast good. Snow Leopard I can safely vouch for I can say it is very stable and mature now at this juncture. Final Conclusion Do I see any significant improvement from Leopard Not really except marginal performance improvement.

How Do I Upgrade From OS X To

Maybe I am missing things I am yet to explore. Can you live without the SL update? Not bad at all. That way you are up to date and maybe able to upgrade for cheap when Apple releases First of all, the real advantages of OSX Read the accompanying description and, without the references to Version 6, you might think you're reading deja vu all over again--all the same prattle you heard about OSX Version 5 --talk about Cover Flow, Expose, colorful panoramic views and three-dimensional perspectives.

And of course the striking photo of the cat with chillblains goes along with the emphasis on the scenic and the exotic, almost reminiscent of Apple's recent promotion of an iTouch as "the funniest [? But anyone who's used these machines for an extended period knows that for all the conveniences there are exasperating delays and confounding snarls, frozen machines, uncooperative programs and internet sites, and hours of down time, often sufficient to make you wonder if all the consumer technology of the past twenty-five years has saved us any time whatsoever.

But sentiments like the foregoing may be sufficient to justify purchase of this latest edition, or "upgrade. Those seconds add up, often eating up a day's worth of valuable "living time," time best spent not at a computer screen but out in nature, perhaps trying to catch sight of the real deal better, I say, catching sight of a feral neighborhood cat in your front yard or, as happened to me the other day, a red fox nonchalantly walking past my house than staring at computer images.

What I've noticed about Version 6 is improved speed. Internet sites that were formerly loggy, slow and snowbound seem to snap into place with zest and efficiency. It feels like my iMac has been rejuvenated, been given some Geritol, maybe a testosterone implant. Now the challenge will be not to load it up with all sorts of buggy software programs many of which simply haven't caught up with the potentials of the hard-wired gear.

I'm beginning to see even Microsoft Word as a cooperative companion for this cat instead of experiencing the momentary twinge of hesitation preceding use of the slow behemoth. In fact, thanks to the improved metabolism, it now seems as good a bet as TextEdit for some of those smaller tasks. I realize that these are highly subjective impressions early in the game, but for twenty-five bucks I don't see how you can NOT make the switch. It's all about putting that spinning wheel out of its misery and getting your machine to do the work you paid it to do in the first place.

The only reason I bought a copy of this is to restore my Macbook 13" which I have also reviewed because my disc was destroyed by my broken disc tray. It's not the laptop's fault. I dropped it like a genius. And because of that, buying another one either from Apple or here and install it that way. So how did the install go? Like normal, until I tried to mess with the volume. It didn't work But I did it anyway, and the sound worked once I upgraded to the latest version of Snow Leopard, which is So now that it's up and running, how is the OS?

Do you own an iPod? Can you use iTunes? Is iTunes your favorite media player? Can you get to what you want within iTunes with ease? Is it hard for you to find a song, or an album, or an artist? If you answered "Yes" to the first four and "No" to the last one, congratulations!

You now know how to operate Mac OS X. Everything is easy to find. You go to "Finder", and it tells you your account typically named after you unless you choose otherwise , your hard drive, a folder with every image on your computer will get filled up if you allow cookies , every movie, song, program There really isn't much to say about this. It works, there are hardly any viruses to catch, it doesn't crash, it doesn't cause problems with the laptops you'll run it on.

Simply put, it works. The only thing against this product is a newer one is due out sometime this summer.

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So unless you don't care to upgrade to Lion and have no problems sticking with Snow Leopard, you might want to look at Lion, which is version But other than that, you can be confident in this purchase if you're upgrading your old Mac from Leopard to this one. Oh, and another thing. For those that simply don't know, you can't just buy this and install it on any laptop. For a clean, painless, don't-have-to-do-anything-special install, you're going to need a computer or laptop from Apple.

Actually, it's technically illegal to install a Mac OS on anything but an Apple device. Perfect, no-hassle installation over my existing As stated elsewhere, there aren't many new features, but you're going to get a lot of unadvertised bug fixes, all the improvements that they've been working on for the past two years. I was almost going to do a clean install, but there was really no point. I've had no problems resulting from my doing an upgrade installation it has been a week so far. The Finder is noticeably more responsive when navigating folders in column view.

You also get a fresh, updated set of Boot Camp drivers. I am using the free, trial version of Windows 7, and unfortunately it won't accept these drivers, but they would probably work on Vista, which is supported.

Get your Mac ready for OS X 10.11 El Capitan

My Microsoft Office which has been giving me endless trouble since the day I bought it, finally works properly -- and I didn't have to reinstall it. For months I was having permissions problems with all of the Office applications, and suddenly, there are no more errors. This was the nicest surprise out of the box. At least in this case, it didn't try to replace a working driver with something new that didn't work. One of the great things about OS X is that you can clone a hard drive from one Mac to another completely different type of Mac -- in my case, from an 8-core Mac Pro tower to a Macbook Pro -- and have the the second machine boot and run all of its applications.

Even though the CPUs, hard drives, graphics chips, etc. And Snow Leopard preserves this functionality. Try that with any version of Windows, using any two PCs that aren't completely identical.

follow link And even if they were identical, you'll get the constant friendly licensing reminder. One person found this helpful. Snow Leopard came from Amazon as promised, when promised. After nearly an hour of nothing but gray screen, 58 minutes it said somewhere , up came Snow Leopard and all was well, sort of.

Installing Newer Software on an Older Mac

It took the MacBook 5 minutes that's seconds to start up. Before this stellar upgrade it took less than 30 seconds. Some of the online Apple forums had said there were some issues of HP printers not working well, and that proved to be true for me, as well. Where before a print screen printed in about 5 seconds, that process now took 3 minutes or so. What to do? The online forums didn't have a lot of people with this complaint, so what was going on with ME?

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What did I do? A week or so later online, I found someone with a similar problem that suggested unplugging all cables and restarting, then if that worked, restarting after adding each back one at at time, as that had worked for them. Snow Leopard was fast: Fast to log on, fast to log off. I added the mouse back. No problem. I added the external monitor back, no problem.

I added the external drive back, no problem. The HP Printer: Who would have thought that? I contacted HP support, and after 4 emails each way, and five easy steps and resetting the printer, the friendly folks at HP said in fact, that for my HP printer, that there was NOT a new print driver, and obviously the old one was not working properly and REAL SOON NOW they would be getting out a new print driver that should work, and they were sorry that the Apple website and their website had the wrong information and was there anything else they could help me with?

I have taken a bit of words to describe this ordeal, as for me, that was the first two weeks of SLOW Leopard. Having solved this mystery, the rest of Snow Leopard, for me, at least today, works well. Didn't lose any data in the upgrade, no problems with any of my applications, thus far.

Some people have reported MS Office issues; I've not experienced any, yet. My VirtualBox, running Windows 7, still works, though a bit spotty sometimes - nothing I can't live with. The Windows7 window in VirtualBox turns black on start up, and I have to move the mouse to reveal the screen, one horizontal line at a time. I like the Dock enhancements, which for me is among the things I immediately noticed.

Snow Leopard users can use the installation disc as a boot drive and run Disk Utility. To perform a more thorough examination of your Mac hardware, you can run Apple Diagnostics for Macs released on or after June or Apple Hardware Test for Macs released before June If you find a problem using these tests, you may need to see a Genius at your local Apple Store.

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  • So first update the apps you use most often, and then you can update the other apps when you have the time. You can use Time Machine or a third-party backup app, or you can clone your storage device using a utility like SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner. A clone is what it sounds like, an exact copy of your drive, so you can use it as a boot drive if the situation warrants it.

    Time Machine is nice because it keeps multiple versions of your documents, but it takes longer to restore from a Time Machine backup. Disable any third-party full-disk encryption software you are running. If a problem occurs during the El Capitan upgrade with the third-party encryption, you might not be able to access your data.

    Preparation is everything, and these tips will help make for a smooth upgrade to El Capitan. Fortunately, performing a standard upgrade is easy. Here are instructions on how to upgrade to El Capitan.

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    Roman has covered technology since the early s. He's also written for MacRumors and Realtor. Compatible hardware These Macs are compatible with El Capitan. OS X Snow Leopard version Verify your storage device This is a good opportunity to check the health of your storage device. Verifying a disk in Disk Utility.

    mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free Mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free
    mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free Mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free
    mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free Mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free
    mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free Mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free
    mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free Mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free
    mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free Mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free
    mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free Mac 10.5.8 upgrade to 10.6 free

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