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M.A.C Ruby Woo dupe

Christina: "Good reds are so hard to find, and I absolutely love this one. It has that deep crimson red finish that isn't too orange or too burgundy. If you like a true red, this is the color to go for. I'd wear it all day, but it definitely can register nighttime red. I also noticed I got a strange amount of compliments on my Cupid's bow, that little divot on the top of your top lip. Someone actually asked if I had put on lip liner. So it gave my lips awesome definition. Definitely will be wearing this one a lot more.

Mac Angel dupe = Revlon Primrose | Makeup | Beauty makeup, Mac lipstick dupes, Beauty

Smriti: "I love reds. They best complement my skin tone, make my features more prominent, and get me ton of compliments, and this matte shade is perfect. It's definitely on the drier side of the scale, so go slow when you put it on and maybe start with a lip balm first.

Lindsay: "For years I thought I couldn't pull off red lipstick.

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Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking either. The blue undertones look great with my fair, neutral skin tone, and the color instantly makes it look like I tried. I keep a tube at my desk for whenever I need a little something extra. This deep, blackened violet only looks dark in the tube; when you glide it on, it leaves behind only the faintest sheer tint. Clinique launched it in the early '70s and it instantly became a best-seller.

Best MAC Russian Red Dupes You Can Afford

The brand now ships one tube of Black Honey every three minutes. Maureen: "This sheer plum is the perfect entry-level lip shade. It went on like butter and kept my lips juicy and plump, while adding just a hint of color and shine. It doesn't make a major statement, but that's the point—nice and subtle. Ana: "I liked how moisturizing it is. It feels like a tinted lip balm. When I wear lipstick, though, I like to go full-throttle with color and this one really is super-sheer. You have to apply layers on layers to really get the super-pretty purple hue. Christina: "Truth be told, this one did nothing for me.

It actually looked like I had nothing on but gloss. It was too similar to my natural lip color but with shine like a lip gloss, which is also not a me thing. It didn't look bad; it just didn't pop. Smriti: "I liked how this formula is just a dash of color to make you feel like your lips aren't naked, and yet it doesn't scream, 'I'm wearing lipstick! It definitely has the moisture I'm looking for in a lip color too.

Lindsay: "New. This buildable shade is now at my desk, in my bag, and on my nightstand. Yes, I have three of them. This hot pink with cool undertones and a velvety, semi-matte texture is named after iconic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who was famously known for wearing a bright pink lip. Maureen: "This is my beauty equivalent of a double shot of espresso: Just one swipe makes me look alive. I'll definitely be adding it into my regular rotation. Ana: "This color made me feel like I was in a Revlon ad from the nineties, and I loved every second of it.

Affordable Alternatives To Our Favourite MAC Lipsticks

Even though I tend to go for matte, more purply reds, the hint of orange in this lipstick made it feel peppy and summery. Christina: "This is one of those reds that's personally too orange for me. It also went on a bit sheer. It was, however, very moisturizing. I loved the price point too because every other red I love is costlier than this. It's got the kind of finish that'll leave marks behind on everything.

Lindsay: "I tend to gravitate toward blue-based reds and purples. But holy wow am I reconsidering that now. I loved this orange-red, and after three seasons of wearing matte, it was nice to go back to a creamier formula. This warm matte brown was created in—you guessed it— and was inspired by the year chokers, baby tees, and brown lipstick became the things we all needed. It was also the first of Urban Decay's matte shades to sell out. Maureen: "I have to admit: I was totally psyched to resurrect the '90s brown lipstick of my youth.

I loved it back in the day and still love it now. This one isn't as intense as the Kate Moss—inspired cocoa shade I used to rock matching lip liner and all , but that's a good thing. It's got a creamy, matte consistency and a sharp tip that makes precise application a cinch. Think I've found my new go-to nude. Ana: "This is perhaps the most accurately named lipstick shade I've ever come across. The brown feels very retro—or maybe I've been rewatching Friends too much?

But honestly, seeing my fellow testers try it on too, I definitely loved the color on them more. It feels like the lipstick I'd see on someone and immediately compliment them on. Christina: "This was another miss for me. I do love matte lipsticks, but similar to the Clinique, it had a skin-tone vibe.

5 Cult Favorite Lipstick Shades That Truly Look Awesome on Everyone

Browns on brown skin are tricky. You either get a good nude look or something that's just a bit off. It may be because I have a summer tan. I'd try it again come winter and see if suits me more then. Smriti: "I loved this color!

I've always looked for lipsticks that are a so-called nude, but when I put this on, I realized I've been doing it wrong this whole time. This brown makes the perfect nude on me. It's like a your-lips-but-better situation. Lindsay: "I'm a Kylie Jenner stan, and this shade makes a great dupe to her lip kits. A word of warning: I've personally found it looks best with full-coverage skin; but that could be because I have a lot of redness. Ruby Woo. Design by Aimee Sy.

That colour is quite dark with just one application. Sunshine3 6 Nov PM. Dupes are the best! I love burts bees tinted lip balm. MelissaFay89 6 Nov PM. Some really great dupes. RalucaP 6 Nov PM. I tried Burts Bees tinted lip balm. The red lipstick will always be my favourite for special occasions. Beautybabe 6 Nov PM. Great to have dupes on hand as well as high end products. I buy a mixture of both. Temporary Princess 6 Nov PM. I love articles like this one! I love a dupe, I'm a bit of a cheapskate unless someone else is buying it for me hehe. Petal 6 Nov PM. I recently came across a blog where someone said that Tom Ford lipsticks have a short expiry date.

Her Tom Ford lipsticks lasted about six months and then they started smelling a bit off. I had never heard of this issue with Tom Ford lipsticks before. Some of my lipsticks I have had them for a few years and still going strong :p. Elunia 7 Nov PM. Wow, that is not good.

You would have to wear it everyday and apply it multiple times during the day. So what happens when you don't want to wear that colour for that day? Gilded 6 Nov AM. Great dupe suggestions but that TF is goals. Princess Perfume 6 Nov AM. Wow pretty close! The only one i own is the burts bees hibiscus which is great. I'd love a tom ford lipstick though.

My girlfriend is a Tom Ford lipstick fanatic. I gagged when I saw how many of his lipsticks she had.

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It reminded me of the Sex and the City episode with the Manolo shoe collection that could have nearly bought Carrie's apartment! Heidi 5 Nov PM. I kind of like the Yves St. Lauren fuschia shade over the slightly more mulberry looking Avon one. Miss19 5 Nov PM.

Mac Lipstick Drugstore Dupes 2015 + Lip Swatches

I love my burts bees tinted lip balm. Elunia 5 Nov PM. The first few are pretty good dupes but the others were ok but not that close. Need to go and check it out. Last slide - I neither liked Black Honey or Hibiscus!! Snailor 5 Nov PM. I loved this video! I would love a video comparing foundation dupes. Mayy 5 Nov PM. I love Avon Lipsticks. They have such nice colours that compliment each person. Plus, the prices are affordable! Colour match isn't the most important thing with a lipstick and a dupe.

Quality is often missing but not always. I'm the first to admit to being super fussy about lipsticks as the way things feel on my lips is important to me.

mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses Mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses
mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses Mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses
mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses Mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses
mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses Mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses
mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses Mac lipstick dupes lipsticks and glosses

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