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Types of merge conflicts

In Git, "merging" is the act of integrating another branch into your current working branch. You're taking changes from another context that's what a branch effectively is: a context and combine them with your current working files. A great thing about having Git as your version control system is that it makes merging extremely easy: in most cases, Git will figure out how to integrate new changes.

Conflicts, stashing, remotes

However, there's a handful of situations where you might have to step in and tell Git what to do. Most notably, this is when changing the same file. Even in this case, Git will most likely be able to figure it out on its own. But if two people changed the same lines in that same file, or if one person decided to delete it while the other person decided to modify it, Git simply cannot know what is correct.

Git will then mark the file as having a conflict - which you'll have to solve before you can continue your work. When faced with a merge conflict, the first step is to understand what happened. Did he delete a file that you modified?

Activity: Use the GitHub Desktop client

Did you both add a file with the same name? Git will tell you that you have "unmerged paths" which is just another way of telling you that you have one or more conflicts via "git status":. Let's take an in-depth look on how to solve the most common case, when two changes affected the same file on the same lines.

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Now is the time to have a look at the contents of the conflicted file. The contents after the first marker originate from your current working branch. After the angle brackets, Git tells us where from which branch the changes came from. Our job is now to clean up these lines: when we're done, the file should look exactly as we want it to look.

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It can be necessary to consult the teammate who wrote the conflicting changes to decide which code is finally correct. Maybe it's yours, maybe it's his - or maybe a mixture between the two. Opening the raw file in your editor and cleaning it up there is perfectly valid, but not very comfortable.

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GitHub Desktop makes it easy to resolve frustrating merge conflicts

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merge conflicts github for mac Merge conflicts github for mac
merge conflicts github for mac Merge conflicts github for mac
merge conflicts github for mac Merge conflicts github for mac
merge conflicts github for mac Merge conflicts github for mac
merge conflicts github for mac Merge conflicts github for mac

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