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Currently unavailable. I bought this to connect to a new Macbook air. It works great and has so many more opportunities for expansion as far as screens and additional USB ports. USB 3. Clean minimalist look, and most importantly Anyway, this will primarily be for my PC windows 10 , not my Macbook. It's good to know that it works for both. I was a little afraid initially that it wouldn't work on the PC, but it did!

This will make it easier to plug SD cards and flashdrives into this instead of having to reach for the computer itself. This is a nice little USB hub. Cable is not very long because it is designed for use with a laptop. I bought a USB extension cable for use with my desktop. Product indeed works for windows 10 and also with latest build too. I use this extension with my Surface Pro 3. I have used this hub with two different windows 10 boxes and it ran fine.

I usually install the latest drivers so that any last minute bugs that may have left out is fixed too.

You can access these drivers from Realktek. After dealing with a Sabrent 10 port hub that never worked properly and failed after a bit more than a month, this hub is a miracle. It works exactly as advertised. It is noticeably faster than my USB 2.

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It reduces the nest of wires that I had. Best of all it works every time. It's also nice that it's fairly compact and decent looking. If I had a complaint, it would be nice if the PC cable and the power cord entered on the same end. I've passed the one month initial period with no difficulties whatsoever. I have now got great hopes that this is the device I never have to think about again; it will just do it's job.

Works perfectly.

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My only complaint is the heat build-up can be a little disconcerting. I make sure there is nothing around it while I am on my laptop so it stays ventilated. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. Great card reader and usb port reader! We wanted something up on the desk that would be easily accessible and this is perfect for that! We have it on the computer desk and plugged into the computer.

I take pictures and it is a lot faster to have something to plug the card into than to plug in the camera and upload the pictures. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3. I am revising my review from earlier this year. I now give this product five stars and I am fully satisfied. Someone from Sabrent saw my previous review and determined that I received a defective unit. They sent a new one to me free of charge.

I plugged it in, and guess what — it works! My previous complaints about it not being able to handle USB3 devices and not having enough power even with the extra power plus, are void. Neither of those USB3 devices would work with the previous defective unit. But they work fine with the replacement. The replacement unit even fits more flushly than the Works great!

Great style when using with my Mac. Works very well with almost any usb but I am a gamer and I record with elgato hd60 and it'll read it on my Mac but sometimes it will not read it so I either have to plug it in and out again. I just plug in the elgato usb directly and it has stayed working for me. Styling fits in with Mac. This hub makes me wish I bought more when I needed some at work.

The only downside is that the cable is captive on the hub side. So if it's too short for you, you'll have to buy a USB 3 extension. One hub I bought for work has a standard USB3 connector and cable, so I can easily extend it using another cable. Sabrent 4-Port USB 2. Just received this today on time.

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It appears to work well, the USB slots were a bit tight and did require some pressure to get them in. My main purpose was to leave this in the office attached to the wireless keyboard and mouse because my husband and I swap out laptops often. Add to cart.

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Anker 4-Port USB 3. I had given this a one star review because my wireless mouse would lag when plugged in to this. However, it seems like this is a problem with USB 3. Somehow USB 3. Other than that, the hub works fine. Excellent choice for USB Hub. Has a nice blue glow to each powered USB slot when powered on.

If blue lighting is a problem for your situation then this unit is not for you as if light is out the USB will not have power.

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The electrical cord is good length and not a stingy shorty type. Has a double sided suction cup pad, in double rows that one can apply a bit of moisture to mini suction cups to anchor unit to your desk surface to maintain it's assigned spot. I have mine on it's side so the USB cords plugged Since the hub does not have a separate power supply, it is limited to supplying a maximum total of ma 0. Would like it in black. Cart Fort Wayne, IN. This USB hub was a surprise. I have had USB hubs in the past, and while they were all fine and worked just like they were supposed too, this one brought a little more to the game.

The Construction: This is where this hub went above and beyond. It is a solid aluminum outer shell, offset with white plastic side panels and usb sockets. The feel is tremendous. It feels solid, really solid. When a device feels this solid, even if it does not work any faster than any other devices, it still jumps up notches in your mind.

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I know that Amazon is full of this style of hub, by many manufacturers and if any are up to this quality, then you really have no fears in picking any like this. I can't attest to others quality, but this hub, is quality and Wright NY, United States. After all, how hard can it be? I don't know why. Also, it has clear guidance for installing it- part way into a USB slot, then gently into the vent slots on the bottom of the display, and finally, seating the USB plug all the way.

The instructions also state that, "This device can only read one memory card at a time. This thing looks like an Apple add-on when installed. Because of the way it's mounted, it feels VERY solid while inserting thumb drives Works with no problems. What I didn't realize however is that you can't mix USB formats on the same hub.

usb 3 hub for mac amazon Usb 3 hub for mac amazon
usb 3 hub for mac amazon Usb 3 hub for mac amazon
usb 3 hub for mac amazon Usb 3 hub for mac amazon
usb 3 hub for mac amazon Usb 3 hub for mac amazon
usb 3 hub for mac amazon Usb 3 hub for mac amazon
usb 3 hub for mac amazon Usb 3 hub for mac amazon

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